Making a Profit, Giving It Away

Lockhart Case Study
Mr. Joseph Lockhart, Net Worth: $15 Million

After developing his new Master Stewardship Life Plan, Mr. Lockhart increased his
net, after tax INCOME
from $6 million to $7 million.

The increase in the INHERITANCE that Mr. Lockhart’s heirs will receive as a result of his new
plan went from $7 million to $15 million.

Before his new plan, Mr. Lockhart’s secular SOCIAL CAPITAL (amount he will pay the IRS in taxes) was $9 million. After implementing the new plan, Mr. Lockhart will only pay $1 million, and the rest was turned into KINGDOM CAPITAL (the amount Mr. Lockhart and and his heirs will be able to give to ministries) and it was increased to $19 million.

These case studies are presented as examples of estate planning strategies.  Actual estate plans will vary based upon each individual situation.  All plans are done in cooperation with a client’s tax attorney and accountant.  All tax information is presented after thorough study of the tax laws relevant to a particular situation and cleared through the accountant and attorney.