Four Phases

Phase 1:

Discovery (Where do we want to go?)

  • 1½ Day Discovery Retreat
  • Discussion of Life on Purpose Questionnaire
  • Drafting of Family Wealth Letter of Intent
  • Family Meeting (#1)

Phase 2:

Analysis (Where are we now?)

  • Detailed Review of All Financials
  • Detailed Review of All Legal Documents
    And Entities
  • Presentation of Summary Opinion Letter

Phase 3:

Planning (How do we get to where we want to go?)

  • Rough Draft of Proposed Plan
  • Evaluation by Entire Planning Team
  • Presentation of Final Proposed Plan Design
  • Family Meeting (#2)

Phase 4:

Implementation (What do we need to do to get where we want to go?)

  • Drafting/Execution of All Needed
    New Legal Documents
  • Repositioning of Assets to New Entities
  • Acquisition of Needed Financial Services/Products
  • Regular Progress Reporting

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