Level 1: Master Stewardship Plan Development

image_eliminatetaxes1. Potentially eliminate estate and capital gains taxes and reduce annual income taxes

Our Master Stewardship Planning enables our families to try and totally eliminate all estate and capital gains taxes on their accumulated wealth.  It also reduces our families’ annual income tax bill as low as possible, effectively utilizing combinations of both short term and long term planning strategies.  We work hard to lower the annual income taxes of our families and save them substantial amounts in estate and capital gains taxes.

image_lifestyle2. Ensure that you can maintain your current lifestyle

The first priority in our planning with families is to ensure that the Master Stewardship Plan that we design for them allows them to maintain their current lifestyle.  We do not play the role of the “lifestyle police” trying to dictate to families what their lifestyle consumption should be.  Our number one objective is to make sure that a family’s new plan does not in any way hamper or limit their chosen lifestyle or make them feel financially “squeezed” in any way.

3. Pass on an appropriate inheritance to heirs who are prepared to receive it
The second priority in our planning with families to help them determine what is an appropriate inheritance for their heirs.  This is clearly one of the most dangerous and difficult areas of planning and few parents have given this matter much careful thought at all.  Our objective is to help parents evaluate their children, their strengths, their weaknesses, their needs, etc. and to help them craft an inheritance for them that can help fund life opportunities for them without accidentally passing on such a large inheritance to them that their inheritance ends up allowing them to choose an unproductive life, living off mom and dad’s inheritance.

4. Increase your giving to ministries and kingdom causes
Most of the families we serve have already accumulated more wealth than they or their heirs will ever need. And as such, our third priority is to help parents, after they have decided how much they need to maintain their chosen lifestyle and how much is an appropriate inheritance is for their children, to decide to whom they are going to give the rest of their accumulated wealth. This is the aspect of the Master Stewardship Plan that creates tremendous spiritual and emotional energy. For a family to realize that it now has a substantial amount to give away for worthy Kingdom causes that they did not know they had to give is both compelling and exciting for the entire family. It is this aspect of the planning process that gives life and energy to the Master Stewardship Plan.

5. Maximize your God-given talents, passion and life-purpose
Helping parents and children discover how to integrate their God given talents, passions and purpose into a life pursuit enables them to fully discover their Fire Within and to fully engage themselves in what God has made them to do and not just what man is paying them to do, is life transforming.   Once people discover their Fire Within, they will find themselves fulfilled, energized and more alive than at any time before in their lives.